Noteworthy Fashion Moment: Red Boots (Slideshow)

As a woman, one of the sexiest things about getting dressed is the confidence she exudes. It’s not about how revealing a garment is that makes her come across as sexy - although revealing as much as she wishes is optional. But, sexiness can be conveyed with savvy subtlety with a simple peep of the shoulder. However, if you really want to ‘wow’ onlookers, a hot pair of over-the-knee boots will most certainly do the trick. Speaking of which, stylish celeb starlets such as Model Emily Ratajkowski and actress Kerry Washington both know the power of a pair of red boots. When you add a red hot knee boot into the mix, the outfit is suddenly on fire! Red over-the-knee boots are sizzling this Fall, and luckily anyone’s soles can be on fire, no matter the budget. 

Fashion Prefers The Puffer This Season (Slideshow)

For Fall, the coat on the fashionable minds of women is the puffer coat. From the runways of Versace to the fast fashion retail brand H&M - the puffer coat is definitely a ‘big deal’ this season. However, it should be noted that although the puffer is receiving major love for 2017 - it has been a worthy buy for decades. 

The originator of the puffer coat, Eddie Bauer, caught hyperthermia while on a fishing trip. Following his trip, Bauer was set on designing a protective coat that wouldn’t soak up moisture or weigh the wearer down. So in 1936, he patented the first puffer called the Skyline which was insulated with feathers and a quilted outer shell. 

Camping is one thing, but what about the dainty woman of leisure? Thankfully fashion designer Charles James created an evening version of the puffer. In 1937, his design made of silk was presented on the runway. 

Fast forward to 1980, and yet another version of the puffer style was born. The Sleeping Bag coat, created by designer Norma Kamali came about during an ‘aha moment’ while on a camping trip with her boyfriend. Kamali wrapped herself in a sleeping bag to use the bathroom and in the midst of doing so imagined ‘what if’ the sleeping bag had sleeves. The rest is history! To this day, the Norma Kamali sleeping bag is still a coveted fashion must have. 

The big chill is just around the corner and puffer season is fast approaching! So if you’re thinking about investing in the classic coat for your winter wardrobe, check out my suggestions in the slideshow, for various body types. 

Style Statement Factor: Dream In Cream & Gold (Slideshow)

I’ve always had a thing for ivory, especially during the Fall months. Although there are many delightful hues to choose from this season, one that many women will find beneficial to incorporate within their personal wardrobe is ivory. The color is extremely versatile and can add a subtle pop of freshness to an outfit worn for any style scenario one might encounter. Many women are apprehensive to wearing ivory during the fall and winter months. If you happen to be one of them, perhaps my tempting picks and tips will change your mind.

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