Noteworthy Fashion Moment: Red Boots (Slideshow)

As a woman, one of the sexiest things about getting dressed is the confidence she exudes. It’s not about how revealing a garment is that makes her come across as sexy - although revealing as much as she wishes is optional. But, sexiness can be conveyed with savvy subtlety with a simple peep of the shoulder. However, if you really want to ‘wow’ onlookers, a hot pair of over-the-knee boots will most certainly do the trick. Speaking of which, stylish celeb starlets such as Model Emily Ratajkowski and actress Kerry Washington both know the power of a pair of red boots. When you add a red hot knee boot into the mix, the outfit is suddenly on fire! Red over-the-knee boots are sizzling this Fall, and luckily anyone’s soles can be on fire, no matter the budget. 

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